In addition, our managing partner, Morten Goller, is yet again ranked as the most sought-after lawyer in the business by our competitors.

The winners were given due recognition on Wednesday evening to mark the twenty-year anniversary of the magazine supplement Finansavisen Jus. A total of 105 Norwegian law firms were this year asked to name who they consider to be the most competent lawyer in the business in 23 different categories. It is not possible to vote for someone in your own firm, and, consequently, the survey reveals who the legal community itself considers to be the foremost lawyers in the respective disciplines.

“The fact that Wiersholm receives the highest score out of all the law firms is the result of a formidable team effort,” Morten Goller says. “We set ourselves apart from the competition when it comes to demonstrating professional excellence across the whole spectrum of business law.”

This year, too, Morten Goller upped his points in the category “Most sought-after lawyer by the competition”, and also took first place in the category “Public procurement”.

“I am incredibly honoured,” Morten Goller says in an interview with Finansavisen Jus. “I see this as a tremendous sign of recognition from my peers. There are so many talented lawyers out there that I have the utmost respect for, who have decided to vote for me.”

Jan Fougner also took first place this year, in the category “Investigations and compliance” and almost doubled his score from last year.

Theresa Schumacher Walberg, Simen Mejlænder, Rune Opdahl, Sondre Dyrland, Thomas G. Naalsund, Kristine Hasle Øverby, Georg Abusdal Engebretsen, Håkon Cosma Størdal, Hans Kenneth Viga-Gerhardsen, Jon Rabben and Christel Søreide were all given special mention as legal talent to watch in the 2018 ranking.