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We are Wiersholm

We know that happiness and a sense of belonging are crucial in order to attract and keep the best. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining a good and informal environment in which smiles are frequent even if the day is hectic. In order to achieve this, Wiersholm prioritises social activities such as end-of week drinks, department gatherings, office parties, football practice, running practice, golf tournaments, skiing and mountain trips, etc.

International experience

We are committed to your professional and personal development.

Wiersholm offers employees many opportunities to work abroad. We have a number of foreign clients and partners in, among others, London, Paris and New York.

As a Wiersholm employee, you may create your own unique network by working temporarily for one of our partners.

Wiersholm Alumni

We would not be where we are today without our former colleagues. Our position as one of Norway’s best business law firms is based on their efforts.

Our alumni network means a lot to us, and we regularly arrange alumni gatherings. We focus on social and professional updates, and facilitate the meeting of former colleagues so that they can reminisce, exchange experiences and form new acquaintances.

We would greatly appreciate if you as a former Wiersholm employee would join our alumni network.

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