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Do you want to develop as a lawyer? At Wiersholm, you get to work with clients who represent Norway’s largest and most exciting enterprises. By your side, Norway’s leading lawyers – lawyers, who give you the space to learn, ask questions and who always let you take new steps forward. The in-house collaboration is highly valued, by both our clients and ourselves, and it is therefore important that you are a resource both professionally and socially, and that you find teamwork stimulating.

Wiersholm has a good combination of experienced lawyers and recently graduated law students with knowledge fresh from university. We want a diverse workforce with a solid academic foundation, commercial flair, strong commitment and drive.

As an experienced lawyer, you become part of a solid legal and social environment. You have the opportunity to specialise in your chosen field, at the same time you will be able to work broadly.

Our clients provide challenging engagements in a number of industries and areas of business. The engagements are solved through the interaction between individual achievements and teamwork. In an active professional environment with an “open door”-policy, you will never be left on your own with a difficult engagement.

We know that happiness and a sense of belonging are crucial in order to attract and keep the best. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining a good and informal environment in which smiles are frequent even if the day is hectic. In order to achieve this, Wiersholm prioritises social activities such as end-of week drinks, department gatherings, office parties, football practice, running practice, golf tournaments, skiing and mountain trips, etc.

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Kai Thøgersen, Partner

The Wiersholm School

The Wiersholm School is adapted to the exciting challenges faced by the legal industry. We promote an innovative learning environment rather than a traditional learning environment. We arrange real-life training exercises in which you get the opportunity to develop your potential through constructive feedback and close communication, both individually and at team level.

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Development opportunities

Wiersholm is committed to continuous further development for all employees. This takes place continuously through collaboration between you and your co-workers, who have different levels of expertise and years of service. In addition, we are committed to providing external development opportunities if required. We strongly believe that different backgrounds and experiences strengthen our employees as well as us as a firm.

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