The Wiersholm School

We take your career further!

The offer of lifelong learning is a motivation factor and a source of inspiration for our employees. As a Wiersholmian, you are offered competence development within legal subjects, client handling, business development, system, communication and management. Your best learning comes from practical experience and courses, with good support from mentors and colleagues. It is through systematic and targeted training you get really good.

A Wiersholmian is supposed to make the extraordinary effort that creates the very best legal product. A good lawyer is not something you are, it is something you become. That process starts already during your time as an associate.

The Wiersholm School is adapted to the exciting challenges of the legal profession. We aim at an innovative learning environment instead of a traditional teaching environment. We organise realistic training where you get the opportunity to develop your potential through constructive feedback and a close dialogue, both individually and on a team level.

At the start of your employment, we focus on the compulsory parts of your education as an associate, while we later concentrate on your professional specialisation and your personal development.

As a Wiersholm lawyer, you will have the competence required to succeed as a business lawyer, within or outside the firm.