About us

Wiersholm is one of Norway’s leading and largest law firms, with expertise across all significant areas of business law. Skilled and dedicated people are our most important assets.

We work on behalf of clients who develop society, respect human rights and who aim to contribute to sustainable development. We provide clear, constructive and responsible advice and counselling. This is the basis for the relationships we build with our clients, and also crucial as to why our clients choose us – especially when the most critical issues are at stake.

Our professional expertise, understanding of different business sectors and collaborative culture make us well equipped to understand, simplify and improve our clients’ everyday lives. This is how we create added value for our clients and drive business law forward.

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Our values

A unique culture of collaboration

Wiersholm is the sum of the industry’s foremost legal expertise, which in addition has commercial flair and industry knowledge. We combine professional insight and experience to be able to solve complex and demanding assignments in the best possible way. Over time, we have developed a unique interdisciplinary culture of collaboration in the company. We constantly work towards the same goal: to find the best solutions for our clients.


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Our Code of Ethics

Wiersholm is a leading business law law firm in Norway. By virtue of our profession and leading position, we have a responsibility to run the business in a responsible and sustainable manner, while at the same time providing the highest quality advice to our clients.

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International focused

Our network, our lawyers’ international experience and our cooperation with actors in other countries give us an international approach that benefits our clients.

We assist Norwegian companies with establishments abroad and foreign companies in Norway, and we cooperate closely with leading law firms in the Nordics, Europe, the USA, South America, Asia and Australia.

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Wiersholm is a top-ranked law firm. The largest national and international lawyers rankings recognise us for our professional breadth and the significant expertise that our lawyers possess. Our ambition is to have Norway’s foremost expertise on business law. The rankings indicate that we succeed with our ambition and that our legal expertise is highly valued by our clients.

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ESG and Compliance

By virtue of our profession and position, we have a particular duty to conduct business in a responsible and sustainable manner. In addition, we have the opportunity to make an impact on the society in which we operate, by sharing and using our professional knowledge. We are committed at company level and as individuals.

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Doing business in Norway

Our lawyers are the most prominent experts in the field providing full-scale legal services. We are your contact and advisor in strategic processes. For foreign players operating in the Norwegian market, or planning to enter it, we have gathered useful links that give you an overview of, and answers to, general questions regarding Norwegian business life.

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Our history

Today we are a large and modern law firm. We have achieved this by assisting significant businesses and companies on legal issues of great importance, pursuing professional development and recruiting the greatest talents and leading experts.

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Our Board of Directors and Executive Management

Wiersholm is a private limited liability company owned by the partners and managed on a daily basis by the managing partner. The board and the management team consist of partners and employees from various disciplines.

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Facts about Wiersholm

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