Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in Wiersholm

At Wiersholm, we continuously work to create a work environment that reflects the diversity of the society we live in and provide services to. Our work for diversity and inclusion is rooted in our values.

The work to promote diversity and prevent discrimination is an integral part of our firm and how we work. We consider diversity as a strength and a prerequisite for delivering the best possible services to our clients.

We conduct an annual employee survey that, among other things, addresses diversity. We are proud that our employees feel they can be themselves at work. This is a crucial factor in creating a diverse work culture. According to the employee survey, employees also experience that the firm prioritizes diversity and equality through concrete measures.

Inclusive Work Environment

Our employees are our most valuable resource, and we work purposefully to create an inclusive workplace where all employees can develop – both professionally and socially. We recognize the importance of having a diverse and inclusive work environment.

As our workplace consists of a diverse group of people, it is natural to offer activities and events that reflect this diversity. Our employees can choose to participate in everything from morning workouts, golf and football tournaments to a wide range of development lectures, seminars, and courses throughout the year.

Commemorative Days and Events

Every year we mark days that are important to us, and we have a particular focus on International Women’s Day, Pride, and World Mental Health Day.

In connection with International Women’s Day, we have in recent years invited employees to lectures and/or internal panel discussions about diversity, inclusion, and equality in the company.

Every June, we mark Pride. As an employer, we want to create an environment where everyone can be themselves at work. Love is a human right. Therefore, we celebrate the diversity of love together with our fellow human beings in Wiersholm, the legal profession, the business community, and society in general. Read more about Pride here.

To mark World Mental Health Day, we have in recent years invited employees to lectures focusing on mental health, including from Jimmy Westerheim from The Human Aspect and our own partner Stig Bech, who has openly talked about life with bipolar disorder. Stig has also participated in the podcast “Hverdagspsyken” where he talked about the same topic. You can listen to the episode here.


We are proud to collaborate with the organization for minorities at the law faculty, Mino.Jur, which contributes to increasing the recruitment of talented students with a minority background to a business law career.

We arrange a number of seminars and events together with Mino.Jur. We have, among other things, a joint mentor program and are contributors to Mino.Jur days. We believe this collaboration plays an important role in our work to attract more talents with a minority background.

Equality Check

In 2020, the Bar Association’s diversity committee entered into a collaboration with the tool Equality Check to improve knowledge about diversity in the industry.

Equality Check is a digital platform where employees can anonymously evaluate their workplace based on criteria related to, among other things, inclusive culture, equal opportunities, and whether management prioritizes diversity. Wiersholm has encouraged all employees to participate, so we can map out how we can improve further. The results show that Wiersholm scored higher than the industry in general on Equality Check – especially when it comes to inclusive culture, that management prioritizes diversity, and that employees do not experience unwanted sexual attention at the workplace.

You can read more about Equality Check and their work here.

Annual report

In connection with the annual report, we make a separate statement for our work to promote equality and prevent discrimination, based on gender, leave for birth or adoption, ethnicity, belief, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The work is documented and takes place in collaboration with representatives of the employees.


04_arrow-rOur equality statement for 2022 (in Norwegian)

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