With Wiersholm's document automation tools, we streamline and quality assure the preparation of documents and contracts.

In a collaborative project aimed at automating relevant standard contracts, the client will have access to a solution where the contracts are effectively prepared and adapted from time to time.

  • Intelligent, rule-based templates that ensure quality and consistency in the preparation of documents and contracts.
  • Access to either Wiersholm’s standard templates, or automation of their own templates.
  • The documents are generated on a secure, private site, provided by Wiersholm, and the documents are subject to customised user access.
  • Ability to set up notifications and approval routines when creating specific types of documents, for important deadlines or other critical information.
  • Possibility of digital signing and negotiation with counterparty or other users.
  • The solution supports version control – it will always be possible to browse back to previous versions of the document.