We invest heavily in digital transformation. To explore the use of technology such as AI, blockchain and robotics, we have established an internal innovation department, composed of lawyers, but also business developers with backgrounds from economics, technology and media. The goal is increased value creation for our clients through innovative, legal services.

For us, it is important to spend time understanding the challenges our clients face. Only by solving real problems do we create value – regardless of whether it is legal advice or product and service development.

We therefore believe that the only way to drive innovation is in collaboration with our clients. By combining our skills and insights, collaboration can accelerate the development for the benefit of both parties.

We believe strongly in lean methodology. Although we are perfectionists in providing legal advice, we believe that innovative products are best created as a result of trial and error. It is more important to launch quickly, to find out if we are on the right track, than to refine a product that does not solve a problem. That is why we work in sprints with limited deliveries, which we continuously evaluate to adapt the next sprint.