Corporate partnership with Save the Children Norway

We support the efforts to strengthen the legal protection of children

Wiersholm has a strong pro bono tradition, and we believe that a strategic and long-term collaboration provides the best results. In January 2019, we entered into a 5-year corporate partnership agreement with Save the Children Norway.

Save the Children’s focus on children’s rights and education fits well without our activities and legal competence. Investing in children, young people and education is fundamental to social development and growth, locally as well as globally.

Our legal competence is valuable to Save the Children, and in in these five years Wiersholm will in addition to offering its legal services, contribute financially to the organisation’s important work in internal as well as external arenas

Our collaboration includes three axes:

  • We provide pro bono advice in accordance with Save the Children’s requirements.
  • We support projects financially.
  • We have a joint trainee scheme called Responsible Business Trainee.

Pro bono

Taking responsibility for the society in which we work is of the utmost importance to Wiersholm. It is our opinion that this responsibility must go beyond our core business. Through our  collaboration with Save the Children, we assist as their legal advisor in Norway.

Responsible Business Trainee

The Responsible Business Trainee programme gives you the opportunity to work within a legal field other than business law for an organisation fighting for children’s rights in Norway and abroad.

Read more about our Responsible Business Trainee programme here.

Christel Søreide, CSR-partner