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Partner at Wiersholm and initiator of Nordic Buy Out Forum, Jarle Kvam, recently shared his insight on the Nordic private equity marked in The Lawyer.

Nordic Special Report: Private equity hotspot requires a cool approach


A climate of low interest rates, large funds and a culture of innovation has created a fertile environment for investment and a healthy supply of work for firms in Europe’s northernmost nations

The Nordic region’s stable legal framework and transparent business environment have helped make it a private equity hotspot, with a steady flow of participants from pharma powerhouses to emerging technology start-ups. However, the growing regulatory burden in Europe and increasingly complex transactions are having a significant impact on local law firms as they respond to the needs of ever more demanding clients.

The Nordic region is increasingly being seen as one of continental Europe’s most important hubs for private equity work. What do you see as being the main factors behind this development?

Jarle Kvam, partner, Wiersholm, Norway: The Nordic region has a long tradition of cooperation in politics, economics, education and culture. It makes the region relatively stable when it comes to ‘risk factors’.

Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are all ranked within the 30 richest countries in the world measured by GDP per capita.

All these countries are ranked within the six best in the world on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index 2017. The Nordic countries also benefit from a highly educated, flexible and motivated workforce. Employment rates are generally higher than within the EU and student performance is high (and increasing). The above factors, plus a competitive level of taxation, ensure that the Nordic region will remain a safe harbour in a troubled Europe, making it an attractive place to invest.

Read the full article by Cristiano Dalla Bona, published in The Lawyer 20 February here. 

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Nordic Buy Out Forum is an annual M&A event that joins the venture capital and private equity industry and others involved in the transaction market in Norway and the other Nordic countries.

The conference attracts the most important players in the industry and is a unique arena for networking and knowledge sharing.