Pro bono

Wiersholm has a strong and proud pro bono tradition and donates several man-years of pro bono work a year.

NOAS (the Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers)

Wiersholm has established a collaboration with NOAS (the Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers) and does each year litigate approximately 8 – 10 cases for asylum seekers who risk being sent out of Norway. This is a part of Wiersholm’s community involvement,  in which we provide pro bono legal assistance in connection with judicial reviews of asylum cases which in NOAS’ and Wierholm’s opinion are of principal importance

Read more about NOAS here: NOAS

Save the Children

We also provide legal assistance and charity work outside our core business, for example through our corporate partnership agreement with Save the Children, concluded in December 2018. This collaboration includes pro bono advice, professional contributions to Save the Children, involvement in specific Save the Children projects, as well as a joint trainee programme and financial support.

Read more about Save the Children here: Save the Children

HumAk – the Norwegian Law Students’ Humanitarian campaign

Wiersholm is proud to be the main partner of HumAk. HumAk is the Norwegian law students’ humanitarian campaign and this year it is 30 years since it was launched. Every other year, a fund-raising campaign is held for a specific cause. The 2020 cause was “Courtrooms on wheels for children” in Malawi in collaboration with Save the Children. The 2022 cause is “Security under the law for children in Uganda” in collaboration with Hope for Justice Norway. A late summer festival concludes the campaign. Wiersholm’s partnership with HumAk means, among other things, that we contribute lecturers to the lectures held during HumAk week.

Read more about HumAm: HumAk

Kronprinsparets Fond – The Crown Prince and Crown Princess’ Foundation

About 10 years ago, the Norwegian Crown Prince and the Crown Princess decided to change the foundation established in connection with their wedding in 2001. The new vision of the Foundation was; “The Crown Prince and Crown Princess’ Foundation shall strengthen young people’s sense of community; so that everyone feels they belong and can participate”. In connection with the restructuring and transformation of the Foundation, Wiersholm was engaged as the Foundation’s advisor, and since the conclusion of this engagement, Wiersholm has been a Pro Bono Partner for the Crown Prince and Crown Princess’ Foundation. The Foundation primarily focuses on young people who are at risk of being left on the outside of the community, and the Foundation therefore always collaborates with selected initiatives that aim to give young people new arenas on which to succeed. These have been projects such as:

  • Kjør for livet – a different offer of leisure activities for children and young people. Through motor and motor sport, they experience being part of a team, a sense of mastering and improved social skills,
  • Pøbelprosjektet – aims to support young people, who for some reason stand outside the established systems of education and employment, and
  • Trivselsleder – a programme used by more than 1,400 schools in the Nordics, in which well-being initiators organise activities during breaks to prevent conflicts
  • Vibro- youth working for and with youth to get young people involved in the community, to believe in themselves and realise their own potential

Projects supported in 2019 are:

  • Unginvest AIB – offers courses in a number of subjects to young people as an alternative to ordinary upper secondary education,
  • International Sandwich Brothers – gives part time work to young refugees, providing work experience and opportunities in a new country,
  • Flyt – offers recreational activities to 10th graders to help them make good life choices,
  • Catalysts – connects young people with a multi-cultural background with mentors that can help them reach their goals at school, at work – or with life in general, and
  • Dale Oen Experience – provides young people with opportunities for mastery through activities, camps, expeditions and an 11th school year.

Read more about the fund here: Kronprinsparets Fond 

Stephan L. Jervell, Partner Wiersholm