Environment and sustainability

We work actively to minimise the negative environmental impact of our business and have implemented a number of environmental management measures. In our work to make our firm more environmentally sound and sustainable, we focus particularly on increasing environmental awareness and improving our procedures within waste management, energy consumption, procurement and transport.

Environmental considerations is a part of the assessment of all procurement and in the selection of suppliers and we have developed a set of sustainability requirements for our suppliers. Sustainability is also increasingly becoming part of our advice. Our experts within compliance, environmental law and Human Rights Law advise our clients in their sustainability work.

As part of the Eco-Lighthouse certification process, we have reviewed and analysed our habits and established new, more environmentally friendly procedures. In the future organisation of our business, we will ensure that its negative impact on the environment is reduced to an absolute minimum. We have also joined the UN Global Compact initiative for sustainability, thus intensifying our efforts to prevent, manage and reduce the negative environmental impact of our business.