We consider the diversity of our employees to be one of our firm’s most important assets. The unique experiences each person brings to the firm, allow us to better serve our clients.

The fact that we are different is a strength and a competitive advantage. For Wiersholm, diversity is about recruiting and retaining the best talents – and using this diversity to drive the firm forward.

We are proud of our collaboration with Mino.jur, a student-run organisation for minorities at the Faculty of Law. Mino.jur contributes to increased recruiting of talented students with a minority background to a business law career.

Our focus on diversity is aimed not only at the recruiting phase, but at the entire duration of the employment. We have reached our target of gender balance at all levels except the partner level. Gender balance in law firm partnerships takes time. In recent years, the share of female partners recruited from within the firm has been 40%, and our target is that women make up 1/3 of the partners by 2028. To develop and retain a gender-balanced talent pool, with as many women as men being considered for partnership, we work systematically on talent development and follow-up during parental leave and the infant period.

Status Wiersholm

  • Nationalities
  • Female lawyers
    47 %
  • Languages
  • Other qualifications
    20 %
  • Female partners
    23 %
  • Age range