Wiersholm receives the most points overall out of all the firms and tops last year's score. Managing partner Morten Goller is once more voted the most sought-after lawyer by the competition.

Wednesday evening, the legal community was gathered to honour the individuals they consider to be the foremost professionals within their respective legal disciplines. A total of 105 Norwegian law firms were this year asked to name who they consider to hold the best legal expertise in 25 different categories. The survey does not allow participants to vote for someone in their own firm.

Wiersholm receives the highest score overall and the most top-three placements out of all the firms in this year’s survey. Morten Goller tops his record score from last year in the all-rounder category, heads the category for public procurements and is yet again voted the most sought-after lawyer by the competition.

“We are just incredibly proud of our managing partner, Morten. The results from this year’s lawyer survey once again demonstrate what an outstanding legal professional he is. This is a recognition from the business itself and is highly coveted,” chairman of the board of directors of Wiersholm, Stephan L. Jervell, says.

This year’s legal achievement

In the category “This year’s legal achievement”, Bettina Banoun and Erling P. Selen emerge the winners for their work in connection with the property tax case.

“This case is different because it affects 50 000 home owners in Oslo and deals with principal questions surrounding the scope of municipalities’ taxation rights,” Bettina Banoun explains. “The main question is whether local politicians may invite their electorate to vote in favour of and decide on a scheme which to a large extent exempts the politicians themselves from property tax. Whether or not municipalities have to follow the deadline rules in the Property Tax Act is also a central question.”

Erling P. Selen says that this has been a different case in many respects and emphasises the fact that it is so important to so many. “I’ve discussed it with several of the group members and it is heartening to hear how strongly people feel about this issue,” he says.

“This is a case naturally belonging in the Supreme Court,” Ms Banoun goes on. “The Supreme Court is a court of precedent which is well versed in constitutional review of laws, regulations and tax decisions. There is an expectation now that there will be a thorough and good judgment identifying what measures the politicians in parliament intended to adopt through the Property Tax Act,” she says. “Being voted the winner of this year’s achievement by your peers is incredibly is huge, and extremely motivating as we continue our work in this case. This is a very pleasant recognition, which we really appreciate,” Ms Banoun concludes.

Brilliant achievements across the Width of legal disciplines

Once more, Jan Fougner heads the category “Investigations and compliance”. Jon Rabben and Inge Ekker Bartnes are ranked this year as the most competent lawyers on “Energy and climate issues”. Rune Opdahl ranks high on the list of the new category “Data protection”, an exciting and complex market segment experiencing a high level of growth.

We are also extremely proud to see the names of so many of our very capable lawyers on this year’s list of legal talent:

Svein Helge Hanken (International lawyers), Andreas Bullen (Tax law), Simen Mejlænder (Share issues and stock exchange listings), Rune Opdahl (Intellectual property law and media), Theresa Schumacher Wahlberg (Technology and digitalisation), Christel Søreide (Employment law), Georg A. Engebretsen (Investigations and compliance), Kristine Hasle Øverby (Banking and finance), Hans Kenneth Viga-Gerhardsen (Insurance law) and Håkon Cosma Størdal (Competition law).

“The fact that we emerge the no. 1 firm overall in the lawyer survey is the result of a formidable team effort,” managing partner Morten Goller says. “We have built up an outstanding legal team with top individuals within all areas of business law.”

Partner Jon Rabben and managing partner Morten Goller at the award event of Finansavisen’s lawyer survey on Wednesday 13 February.