To respond to today's challenge of ever-increasing and sometimes overwhelming information flow, both in and outside of transactions, we sought to create an innovative digital solution to improve collaboration, workflow and security, saving our clients time and money.

The result was Transaction Control, our digital management system for the execution of transactions. From client feedback and market knowledge, we believe this is the first solution of its kind in the Nordic region.

Our work on Transaction Control has received strong recognition and led to the firm being shortlisted for the Innovative Lawyers Awards Europe 2019.

Seeing the wood through the trees

On many transactions, there can be a deluge of communications and deadlines, making it sometimes hard for some stakeholders to understand the full picture and prioritise. This proves a significant obstacle to effective collaboration and an efficient transaction, where close project management is required, as well as an identification and focus on more complex and demanding issues.

Translating decades of acquired best practice

Over many years, our Corporate/M&A department has invested extensive resources in developing market-leading processes and solutions to address common transaction challenges. A number of M&A lawyers worked closely with the Business Development team, to assemble a platform and add-ons that captured and enhanced our best practices. Transaction Control combines all of the developed solutions into an integrated offering.

We adopted a ‘lean’ approach in the two-week development phase for Transaction Control, mapping out the transaction process from a buyer and seller perspective and testing different parts of the solution independently with clients. We sought feedback, made adjustments, and launched in November 2018.

Transaction Control is a tribute to the truly collaborative and innovation-focused culture at Wiersholm that transcends the boundaries between lawyers and support functions. Key to its success were our 80-strong Corporate/M&A department, our Business Development team, senior leaders and support staff.

Delivering value where it is needed most

One of the biggest impacts for the client is a smoother and more efficient transaction process. Transaction Control empowers clients through greater oversight of their corporate information. It allows them to do more lower complexity work themselves, saving them money.

If clients do choose to engage us, it means they benefit from the expertise of some of Norway’s leading M&A specialists in more complex matters. With information already stored all in one place, on a platform that we have created and understand entirely, our lawyers can quickly get ‘up to speed’ on a transaction.

Through the use of our platform, when clients need assistance, we can mobilise faster than any other firm and through this closer cooperation, with more touchpoints along their journey, we can provide a more tailored and efficient service.

See here for further information on Transaction Control.