A unique culture of collaboration

Wiersholm is the sum of the industry’s most skilled legal professionals, who also have commercial flair and understanding. Increasing complexity requires a combination of expertise, insight and understanding. This requires an integrated form of collaboration that we have developed over time. We always work towards the same goal, which is to find the best solutions for our clients.

Trust is one of the pillars of our culture of collaboration. We trust each other as professionals and as human beings, because we know that everyone is doing their best every day. There are open doors across practice groups and hierarchy levels. We respect each other, listen and provide detailed feedback during teamwork. In this manner, we are constantly learning – about law, about each other and about ourselves.

Now we have taken this culture of collaboration a step further. In recent years, staff with expertise other than legal has joined the firm. Our team today consists of business and client developers, communication experts, designers and project staff, who enable us to develop and deliver new services tailored to the clients’ needs.